Traffic Engineering:

Bristol Hill Drive/Thouvenot Lane Turn Lane

PROJECT NAME: Bristol Hill Drive/Thouvenot Lane Turn Lane
CLIENT: Taylor Morley Land Development
JURISDICTION: Village of Swansea and St. Clair County
LOCATION: Swansea, St. Clair County, Illinois
CONSTRUCTION COST: $250,000 (Est.)
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Taylor Morley Land Development employed our firm to prepare the Traffic Study, Intersection Design Study (IDS) and Construction Plans and Specifications for the intersection of a new subdivision entry roadway (Bristol Hill Drive) intersecting an existing County Highway (Thouvenot Lane).   All phases of the project were subject to St. Clair County Department of Roads and Bridges review for compliance with IDOT standard policies and procedures.  The Traffic Study was completed using the Trip Generation Manual to develop traffic forecasts.  The IDS analysis was completed using Highway Capacity Software (HCS) and IDOT design policies.  Turning movements and corner radii were developed using AUTOTURN software for the appropriate design vehicle, and the intersection sight distance was checked.  The project included the addition of a left-turn lane on Thouvenot Lane. The construction scope included concrete pavement widening, asphalt shoulders, ditching, drainage culverts, paint pavement markings and driveway removal and replacement.  Our firm was also retained to provide all land and ground surveys and construction staking.

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