Wastewater Treatment:
Freeburg Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Improvements Project

PROJECT NAME: Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Improvements 
OWNER: Village of Freeburg
LOCATION: Freeburg, St. Clair County, Illinois
CONSTRUCTION COST: Phase I - $1,486,000; Phase II - $9,026,000
YEAR COMPLETED: Phase I – Design 2011, Construction 2012; Phase II - Future
DESIGN CAPACITY:     Average Flow – 0.95 MGD
                                          Maximum Daily Flow – 2.85 MGD
                                          Population Equivalent – 9,500
                                                       - Activated Sludge - Sequencing Batch Reactor
                                                       - Tertiary Filters
                                                       - Final Clarifiers
                                                       - Anaerobic Sludge Digestion
                                                       - Sludge Belt Press / Land Disposal
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Freeburg has experienced significant growth in recent years, including the annexation of property to the north.  This expansion necessitated planning and construction to meet present and future demands on the wastewater system.  Rhutasel and Associates, Inc. is responsible for facility planning, design, preparation of plans and specifications, and construction observation for the project which includes collection system and wastewater treatment improvements.  The project is being undertaken in two phases.  The first phase includes several sections of new sewer line, rehabilitation of two lift stations, and improvements to Freeburg’s east treatment facility.  The phase two project will involve the replacement of the existing west treatment facility with a sequencing batch reactor plant, while using portions of the existing facilities in the new design.  

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