Wastewater Collection & Pumping:
Marine Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Lining Project

Various Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (Lining) 
OWNER: Village of Marine
LOCATION: Marine, Madison County, Illinois
FUNDING AGENCY: Madison County Community Development
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Village of Marine has been completing Sanitary Sewer Lining Projects with the assistance of Madison County Community Development Grants since 2006. Since 2006, the Village has been able to Line approximately 16,100 L.F. over 4 different projects. These projects have removed a considerable amount of storm water infiltration and the Village is extremely happy with the results. The Village plans to continue to apply for Community Development Grant Funds until all aging and deteriorated sewers are rehabilitated.

Environmental Areas of Service:
Water Supply, Treatment, & Storage
Water Transmission, Distribution, & Pumping
Wastewater Collection & Pumping
Wastewater Treatment
Planning / Funding Applications

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