Water Transmission, Distribution & Pumping:
Marissa Water System Improvements Project

PROJECT NAME: Water System Improvements
OWNER: Village of Marissa 
LOCATION: Marissa, St. Clair  County, Illinois
FUNDING AGENCY: U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Village of Marissa was experiencing a high volume of water loss and this project was undertaken to address the problem.  The project included the replacement of 50,000 lineal feet of 6 water line and 2,000 lineal feet of 8 water line. The project also included the replacement of fire hydrants, valves and appurtenances. Rhutasel and Associates, Inc. worked with U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Rural Development Agency to fund the project through their Loan/Grant Program and provided the planning, design, construction observation and loan/grant administration for the project.

Environmental Areas of Service:
Water Supply, Treatment, & Storage
Water Transmission, Distribution, & Pumping
Wastewater Collection & Pumping
Wastewater Treatment
Planning / Funding Applications

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