Mark A. Luechtefeld
mobile: 618-407-3278
Senior Engineering Technician
A.A.S. Drafting Technology/1985/Belleville Area College

IDOT Documentation Certification
IDOT Bituminous Concrete Density Tester
Troxler Electronic Laboratories Training
Troxler HAZMAT Certification
IDOT Bituminous Concrete Level I Technician
IDOT Bituminous Concrete Level II Technician
IDOT Mixture Aggregate Technician
IDOT Mixture Aggregate Technician Upgrade
ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade I
IDOT STTP-S33 Soils Field Testing & Inspection
IDOT Portland Cement Concrete Level I Technician
IDOT Portland Cement Concrete Level II Technician

Involved in both the design and construction inspection phases of various projects in the transportation, environmental and land development fields. Experience includes layout and CADD drafting of roadway and subdivision plans, wastewater treatment, collection and pumping system plans, water distribution, storage and pumping system plans, storm sewer and storm water detention system plans, and earthwork computations. Has extensive knowledge and experience in utilizing computer software applications for the design and drafting of infrastructure improvement projects including Land Development and GEOPAK. Construction inspection experience includes layout and staking, material inspection, and documentation of contract quantities.

American Concrete Institute
American Design Drafting Association

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