Wastewater Treatment:
Red Bud Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Project

PROJECT NAME: Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Project
OWNER: City of Red Bud
LOCATION: Red Bud, Randolph County, Illinois
FUNDING AGENCY: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Low Interest Loan 
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The City of Red Bud retained Rhutasel and Associates, Inc. to upgrade their Wastewater Treatment Plant. The upgrades include new screening and grit removal facilities, an excess flow clarifier with chlorination facilities, additional aeration capacity for the activated sludge treatment units, and complete re-painting and rehabilitation of one of the existing activated sludge treatment plants.

Addition of the excess flow treatment unit will bring the plants hydraulic capacity to 3.6 MGD with future addition of a third activated sludge plant. Expansion of the activated sludge system is not required at this time, however with the new expansion the hydraulic capacity of the plant will be capable of handling the future addition when it is required.

The new raw wastewater cylindrical screening unit augers the screenings into a disposal container, while it dewaters and compacts the screenings to minimize the quantity of material to be disposed of. The vortexing aerated grit chamber provides grit separation and washing. Grit is transferred from the chamber to an auger type grit classifier which dewaters and consolidates the grit before discharge to a disposal container. Grit is discharged into a wheeled dumpster for easy removal from the headworks building. The 40 diameter excess flow clarifier is designed to handle 1.8 MGD which provides capacity to handle the projected hydraulic loadings far into the future. For ease in operation, a multiple 150 pound cylinder manifold system is utilized for chlorination. The chlorine system is activated when flow commences to enter the excess flow clarifier. Following a storm event, the contents of the clarifier are pumped back to the activated sludge units for processing.

Several years ago, coarse bubble diffusers were installed in the plants to alleviate operational problems. This change required additional aeration for the system to meet its full design capacity. Therefore, the new centrifugal blowers were installed as part of the current upgrade to meet the future aeration needs of the plant.

With the completion of these improvements, the City of Red Bud will have adequate organic and hydraulic treatment capacity within its wastewater treatment system to meet its needs far into the future.

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