Wastewater Treatment:
Smithton Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Project

PROJECT NAME: Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements
OWNER: Village of Smithton
LOCATION: Smithton, St. Clair County, Illinois 
FUNDING AGENCY: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Low Interest Loan 
DESIGN CAPACITY:     Average Design Flow 0.95 MGD
                                Maximum Design Flow 2.85 MGD
                                Population Equivalent 9,500
                                           -  Pumping 3 @ 1171 gpm/ea
                                           -  3-cell deep covered aerated lagoons (Lemna Process)
                                           -  Nutrient Removal
                                               -  Ammonia Biological & Polishing Reactor
                                               -  Phosphorus Chemical Precipitation (Alum)
                                               -  Sludge Disposal 3rd Cell Settling & Land Application
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Smithton has experienced substantial growth in recent years, which overloaded their wastewater treatment facilities and necessitated the expansion of their treatment capacity to meet present and future needs. Rhutasel and Associates, Inc. was responsible for planning, design, preparation of plans and specifications, shop drawing review, contract administration, construction observation and start-up services for the current upgrade and expansion project which is scheduled for completion in 2011. During the planning phase of the project, the use of a mechanical wastewater treatment facility was evaluated, and found not to be the most cost effective solution for Smithton.



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