Wastewater Treatment:
St. Clair Township WWTF Ultraviolet Disinfection Project

PROJECT NAME: Wastewater Treatment Improvements Ultraviolet Disinfection
OWNER: St. Clair Township, St. Clair County, Illinois
LOCATION: Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois
FUNDING AGENCY: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Low Interest Loan 
CONSTRUCTION COST: $410,000 (Ultraviolet Disinfection)
DESIGN CAPACITY:     Average Design Flow 1.5 MGD
                                Maximum Design Flow 3.75 MGD
                                Population Equivalent 15,000
TREATMENT PROCESSES:      -  Mechanical Bar Screen
                                                -  Pumping 2 @ 2600 gpm (variable speed)
                                                -  Activated Sludge/Aerobic Sludge Digestion
                                                -  Tertiary Filters (Hydro Clear/Zimpro)
                                                -  Excess Flow -
                                                      -  Pumping 2@1100 gpm/ea
                                                      -  Clarifier 45 Diameter
                                                -  Emergency Power 750 KW Generator
                                                -  Disinfection - Ultraviolet
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: IEPA recently required St. Clair Township to begin disinfecting their wastewater effluent.  The facility had operated with a disinfection exemption for many years.  Alternative disinfection systems were evaluated and ultraviolet disinfection was chosen.  This is the latest project that Rhutasel and Associates, Inc. has designed for this facility.  The firm was responsible for planning, design, preparation of plans and specifications, shop drawing review, construction observation, O&M manual preparation, and start-up services for numerous projects at the St. Clair Township wastewater treatment facility over the last forty years, which included collection system improvements and wastewater treatment.  In recent years, the tertiary filters have been upgraded, an emergency power generator added, and ultraviolet disinfection (UV) facilities are currently under construction.

                                                Sludge Belt Press

                                                Activated Sludge Units

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