F.A.U. 8557 (West Boone Street) Bridge over Town Creek

PROJECT NAME: F.A.U. 8557 (West Boone Street) Bridge over Town Creek
OWNER: City of Salem
LOCATION: Salem, Marion County, Illinois
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The City of Salem employed our firm to complete a study of various bridge options to replace a structurally and functionally obsolete WPA era bridge adjacent to the city's Bryan Memorial Park. For aesthetic reasons, the bridge option chosen was a precast concrete arch. Professional services provided included field surveys, hydraulic analysis for the proposed structure, preparation of preliminary and final plans, specifications, and estimates, preparation of the project report, and preparation of proposed ROW documents.

The project included the removal of the existing structure, construction of the precast concrete 42 foot span x 12 foot rise arch bridge, PCC pavement with integral curb and gutter, PCC sidewalk, storm sewer, pedestrian railing, seeding, and other miscellaneous work.

Our firm also provided resident engineering services during the project's construction.

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